We publish entertainment that stands in direct opposition to Hollywood.

Hollywood is a corrupt machine and a mouthpiece for the most corrupt people in society today.

We’re here to offer an alternative and it starts NOW!

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December 27, 2019 –

Death Valley’s great adventure begins with our first graphic novel, epic apocalyptic Good Land: The World Is Changing.

Good Land will be offered up to the public via crowdfunder Indiegogo within the next couple of months.

Animated psychological horror Franky Jr has a pilot episode in production and will be released on our YouTube channel soon.

Dan Baker: Woke AF is on an extended vacation until Good Land makes its debut.

Gus & Larry is a downloadable video game that will be offered as a crowdfunding project after Good Land & Franky Jr are established.

In the Good Land comic series, a fallen elitist-turned-whistleblower becomes the linchpin to the apocalypse.

Dan Baker takes on the Illuminati, social constructs and debt slavery in his Woke AF comedy series.

Animated webseries ‘Franky Jr’ might look cute but this psychological horror cuts deep!

From the pages of Good Land and into a 32-bit retro-style video game, Gus & Larry are sent out to scavenge an industrial wasteland armed only with their resourcefulness.

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